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As a Developer or Architect, you need to sell your development ahead of time in order to cover initial building costs, also,
you need to convince juries and local authorities beforehand.
We can help you do this.

About Renderman

It takes a single image to create the first impression of your architectural project. During this time your client or potential buyer will make decisions that will ultimately lead to you making the sale and having your proposal accepted.

It is therefore essential that the impression created in their mind, works to your advantage. The image needs to stand out from the others; it must engage their emotions and senses. It should be in tune with their lifestyle desires and expectations of excellence.

Renderman Studio specializes in 3D Architectural Visualization, Rendering and Animation for architects, developers and interior designers. Our 3D Artists are skilled in state of the art 3D Packages and can produce stylish Architectural Visualizations from the most frequently used architectural data such as Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, DWG to PDF file formats.

At Renderman, professionalism is paramount in the realisation of a visualisation, and
this is shown in the quality of work produced, as well as in the quick turnaround times to render a final product.

We work in close partnership with developers, architects and agencies, pro-actively helping people like you to communicate your vision with flair and impact.


Developers have used our visuals for:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Advertising of Property
  • Pre-sale Campaigns
  • Billboards and Brochures
  • Websites & Promo Media
  • Construction & Finishes
Architects have used our visuals for:

  • Client Presentations
  • Winning Competitions
  • Detailed 3D Models for Drafting
  • Council Submissions for Approval
  • Design Development
  • Concept Design

3D External Imagery

Modelling and design of external views of the proposed structure complete with environment design and realistic lighting.

Images can be rendered in day or night

3D Internal Imagery

Modelling and design of internal views of rooms within structure, including furniture and other 3D models to create a realistic scene.

Images can be rendered in day or night

Floor Plan

Design of 3D floor plans to give an added appreciation of how spaces flow together

Site Plan

Layout of the entire development in its environment shown from a bird’s eye view

3D Animation

Once the model is fully designed, 3D fly-overs (for exteriors) or walkthroughs (for interiors) can also be designed and rendered in realistic quality

360 Panoramic View

Interactive view of a selected space which can be rotated and viewed in all angles, giving the client an even clearer understanding how the space will look (saved in QuickTime Virtual Reality format)


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